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Crucial m4 256GB SSD (C400) Review

by Stuart Davidson - 28th March 2011
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Crucial m4 C400 SSD (256GB) Review

File Copy Tests

Benchmark Results

In the first of our "true" real world tests we have created four file copy scenarios which cover operations which users are likely to perform on a regular basis. We copy files of 18GB, 7GB and 1.1GB from location to location within the drive, recording the time taken to complete the task. In the final test we copy a folder containing 2,323 image/video files of varying size totalling 3.34GB.

Remember back on the Crystaldiskmark page when we talked about drives being tuned for OS use or transfers. Well this test gives us an idea of what Intel can gain at the expense of random file read/writes. For large transfers their drive is fastest, even beating the Vertex 3 with the gap closing as the file size falls. When we reach a single 1GB file or a batch of smaller files the m4 ties with the Intel in performance, another good result for Crucial as this type of operation is a lot more common in day to day use.
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