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Sapphire Radeon HD 6790 Graphics Card Review

by Stuart Davidson - 5th April 2011
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Sapphire Radeon HD 6790 Graphics Card Review

Dragon Age 2 - DirectX 11

Dragon Age 2 was released recently and features support for various DirectX 11 features including Contract Hardening Shadows (more realistic), DirectCompute bloom effects, high quality depth of field, tessellation for smoother terrain, prepass lighting (higher detail lighting) and HDAO for low resource, high quality ambient occlusion.

Testing was performed at 1920x1080 no anti-aliasing and maximum in game settings.

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

AMD note in their press presentation that the 6790 is the ideal GPU for 1080p gaming and to this point in the review we have been successful at gaming on 1920x1080. Dragon Age 2 proves a little too demanding though (we are using the high res textures pack and patch 1.01) and we would be required to drop our settings a little for completely smooth gameplay. The same can also be said of the 550 Ti.

Here is how the game looks at our tested settings.

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