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Sapphire Roundup - Radeon 6950 fleX, 6870 fleX, 5850 Xtreme, 5830 Xtreme and X58 Pure Black

by Stuart Davidson - 14th April 2011
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Sapphire Round-up: Radeon 6950 fleX, Radeon 6870 fleX, Radeon 5850 Xtreme and Radeon 5830 Xtreme featuring Sapphire X58 Pure Black Motherboard Review

Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB fleX Graphics Card

So we have worked our way up through a number of price brackets that Sapphire offer cards at and as we reach the highest specification model in this review it should come as no surprise that we get some nice packaging with a thorough bundle inside. This of course includes our Sapphire Select Club invitation and all of the cables and convertors required to get a system up and running, including a free HDMI cable.

Sapphire stick with a blue PCB for the 6950 and up in the top corner are two crossfire connectors which tell us that we will be able to connect more than two of these cards together for 3-4 GPU CrossFire. Attached to the front of the card is a dual slot cooler, again with 3 copper heatpipes and aluminium fins however the fan on this model is slightly different to the other cards in this roundup, though not significantly louder.

As this is another Flex Edition card we can set up 3 and 5 screen systems, the former without the need for active DisplayPort convertors. The 6950 uses the same display output configuration as the 6870 on the last page so we have dual DVI, HDMI 1.4 and two mini-DisplayPort connectors. The BIOS selection switch from the standard card also makes an appearance here as do the two 6-pin power connectors.

In terms of detailed specifications we have a 40nm Cayman core at 800MHz, 2GB of 1250MHz Hynix GDDR5, 88 Texture units and 32 ROPS. All of the key features from the reference 6950 are retained, such as Blu-Ray acceleration, DirectCompute 5.0, DirectX11 support, 7.1 Audio out and Eyefinity.

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