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Alienware M11x R3 Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 19th April 2011
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Alienware M11x R3 Laptop Review

Alienware M11x R3 Laptop - External Appearance (Closed)

Our review sample of the M11x has a red finish and the system retains the lovely rubberised coating we saw on past revisions. On the lid we find an alien head logo with light up eyes and surround and the front of the system has the same angled performance car style grill which is present on all recent Alienware laptops.

This model measures 32.7x233.3x285.7mm and weighs 2.0kg/4.4lbs.

At the left edge of the machine we find the majority of the connectivity. This starts near the back with a Kensington Lock slot then runs through DisplayPort, HDMI 1.4 with 7.1 passthrough, USB with charging functionality, GB LAN, 3G SIM socket, 3in1 card reader and mini-Firewire. Turning the system round we find two further USB ports (3.0 speed) and our 3.5mm audio in/out sockets which run off the Realtek chipset. The mic port is retaskable for 5.1 sound.

Round at the back of the M11x R3 we find a single exhaust vent and a just to the side of this is our power in socket. The base of the system is almost entirely flat, retains the same rubberised finish and over 3/4 is made up of one single panel. We have two perforated sections which allow air into the system and sound out along the front edge with an Alienware plaque which is etched with the consumers name prior to dispatch behind these. Air is drawn in through a vent at the back edge and also worthy of note is the Klipsch logo on the base, they supply the speaker design for this system.
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