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Razer Onza Tournament Edition Review (XBOX 360 Controller)

by Stuart Davidson - 30th April 2011
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Razer Onza Tournament Edition - XBOX 360 / PC Controller Review

Razer Onza Tournament Edition Review (XBOX 360 Controller)

Over a year ago at CeBIT 2010 we were shown a new Razer product which was not on public display, that item was an early revision of an XBOX 360 controller. Never a company to rush a product to market Razer have spent the last 12 months or so tweaking the build quality, design and feel to create a product they were happy with.

Today we have one of the first Razer Onza Tournament Edition samples connected to our XBOX 360 (and PC) as we look to see if they have made good on their goal of revolutionising the console eSports and gaming arenas.
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