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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Review

by Stuart Davidson - 5th May 2011
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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Review

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Review

At times Razer can be a frustrating company, they have the habit of announcing or demonstrating products a long time in advance of availability. Take the Onza controller as an example, it has been doing the rounds at press events over the last 12-15 months but it was only recently that it became available. While it does help to increase interest in upcoming products there is nothing worse than waiting... and waiting... to see if something which looks great on paper actually turns out to be as good when launched.

Thankfully, on the vast majority of occasions, Razer manages to meet our expectations for products when they become available and in the past few years we have seen some very impressive items from them. Highlights included the Naga range of MMO mice which are yet to be beaten by a competitor and the aforementioned Onza which significantly enhances the design and features of the standard XBOX 360 controller. That said, there has also been a disappointment or two along the way, the StarCraft 2 peripherals as an example not hitting the same levels as we would expect in terms of user experience.

So when we received the BlackWidow Ultimate with its individually backlit mechanical keys recently we were keen to see whether it would live up to the high standards Razer usually achieve. Read on to find out what we thought of their new high end gaming board.
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