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Silverstone Fortress FT03S and Zotac Z68-ITX-WiFi Review - Compact Powerhouse

by Stuart Davidson - 1st July 2011
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Silverstone Fortress FT03S, Zotac Z68-ITX-WiFi Motherboard and Silverstone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply Review

Content Creation

On the last page we talked about GPU acceleration of content such as Blu-Ray and the ability for our integrated GPU to enhance performance. In addition to this we can also use our GPU to reduce the time it takes to encode video by using an application such as Cyberlink MediaExpresso which passes some of the encoding to our Intel HD GPU.


In this test we are taking a 1080p clip which is 4GB in size and converting it to iPad format. The conversion takes less than a minute to perform as the GPU is assisting out processor with the conversion and the additional benefit is that there are more resources free which allows us to work on the system while the conversion is taking place in the background.

Music Encoding
Our music conversion test takes an 18 track lossless album and converts it using dBpoweramp into 128Kbps Mp3 format. dBpoweramp is a multi-threaded application which allows us to convert a track on each core/thread, at any one time.


In this test we see some strong performance from the Intel chip as its two cores (with HyperThreading) are fully utilised by the application which allows us to convert four tracks at a time. The result is an 80 minute album converted to MP3 in just 61 seconds.
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