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SilverStone DC01 Mini Network Storage Device Review

by Stuart Davidson - 21st July 2011
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SilverStone SST-DC01S NAS Review

The SilverStone DC01 Mini Network Storage Device

The first thing we thought of the DC01 when unboxing is that it is a very compact device. Measuring 123x123x33mm and weighing 500g it is very slightly bigger than a DVD. The main body is a mixture of aluminium and SECC and the only item of note on the front, sides or top is a single blue/red activity LED. The bottom of the DC01 has air vents to keep the internal components cool and round at the back is our connectivity. On the left is a power button and input. These sit beside two USB ports which offer printer sharing or external storage compatibility. An eSATA port is next, offering RAID functionality with the internal drive and then there is a Realtek based GB LAN port, reset button and Kensington lock slot.

By removing screws in the bottom of the unit we get access to the inside and one of the first aspects worth noting is that the top surface is perforated, just like the base. A metal tray sits on our PCB, this is the location where we can install a SATA based 2.5" drive of up to 1TB in size, offering a 2TB RAID array when combined with eSATA. Formats such as NTFS and EXT 2-4 are also supported.

After removing the drive tray we can see the PCB more clearly, though most of the main components are positioned on the bottom. Controlling the DCO1 we have a dual core ARM 11 processor which runs at 750MHz and this is backed by 256MB if DDR2 SDRAM and 256MB of NAND flash.
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