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ACER Revo Mini PC Review

by Stuart Davidson - 22nd August 2011
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ACER Revo Mini PC (RL100) Review

ACER Revo Mini PC (RL100) - External Appearance

It is clear that when designing the Revo Acer were looking to create a machine which would fit in well with the users other living room devices such as set-top boxes and as a result it looks rather like a DVD or Blu-Ray player. Interestingly though, at 25.4x30x18cm it is actually more compact than most players.

Along the front we have a slim line optical drive, drive LED, USB port, card reader and on button with the power LED located on the top right corner. A volume dial can be seen at the bottom left and this actually forms part of a key Revo feature, a removable touch keyboard but more on that later.

Turning the system around we have the back panel connectivity. This starts with power in and runs through GB-LAN, HDMI, Optical out, TV In, 3.5mm audio in/out to two USB 2.0 ports. The systems exhaust is found in the centre.

The right edge of the system has our slot to fit the stand and over on the left we find the release mechanism for the keyboard. Flipping the system over shows a detailed list of specifications along with various information sections, we can also see the base of the keyboard.

Shown above is the wireless multi-touch capable pad that Acer build into the Revo, the Wireless Magic Pad. On the left edge we have a volume dial. The centre is dominated by a keypad layout and at the top right corner is a button which is used to switch to mouse functionality, essentially turning the device into a large laptop style touchpad.
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