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Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD Review

by Stuart Davidson - 26th August 2011
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Corsair Force Series 3 - 240GB SSD Review

HD Video Read / Write Speeds

Benchmark Results

Black Magic Design make a number of industry leading video capture cards, including those which can capture HD material at very high data rates. As a result having a disk with a fast write speed is essential. To aid users in configuring their system for optimal captures Black Magic includes a utility with their hardware which records the real world disk speed and gives the framerate available for that speed.

NOTE: We are using BMD's new disk test for this review which is not comparable with the old version. The new version works by writing/reading data to/from our drive (up to 5GB at a time) and displaying a MB/s figure as well as Frames Per Second information. This test is particularly useful as SSDs cannot use their compression algorithms, what we are seeing here is true real-time read/write of video content. Cache burst performance is also removed from the equation by writing large amounts of data which exceed the cache volume.

Above we can see that OCZ and Corsairs different tuning on the drives results in varied performance for this test. Shown below in the how fast panel is a note of the frames per second recorded for each raw video type and the type of real time video read/write scenarios that will work with the Force 3. Overall this is a good spread for a SATA3 based drive and it is only when we move to much more expensive PCIe based models that more video types become available.

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