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Dell XPS 8300 Media Desktop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 15th August 2011
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Dell XPS 8300 Media Desktop Review

Power Use, Temperatures and Noise

To test the temperature and power use of the system we let the XPS idle at the desktop for 15 minutes and then took a reading for each aspect. Load tests were performed after 15 minutes of Prime95 and Furmark running the CPU and NVIDIA GPU at 100%.

  Idle Load
CPU 45°C 78°C
GPU 36°C 83°C
XPS 8300 Power 71w 380w

Looking at the power and thermal figures produced by Dell we see that the system stays well within the limits of the 460w PSU used in the build. In addition to this the temperatuers are well in line with those we regularly see from similar components. Importantly though Dell have not sacrificed noise levels to achieve these readings, the XPS 8300 is a quiet system as the video below shows. (Taken at ear level with the case on the floor)

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