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Dell XPS 8300 Media Desktop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 15th August 2011
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Dell XPS 8300 Media Desktop Review

Specification and Methodology

Dell XPS 8300
Core i5-2500
6GB Samsung DDR3-1333
GeForce GTX 560Ti 1.28GB
2x Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 7200RPM 32MB in RAID 0
460w Dell PSU
DH-12E3S BD-Rom
RS-H653H DVD-Writer
H67 Chipset
Dell Keyboard and Mouse
HH Comparison Build: Z68/i5-2500/ Samsung 8GB DDR3-1333/ 2x WD in RAID 0, Dell GTX 560Ti.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
DirectX 9.0c/10/11 (November 2010)
Forceware 280.19

Intel RST 10.6
PowerDVD 11 Ultra
Adobe Master Collection CS5.5
Cinebench R11.5 64-bit
Google Chrome
Cyberlink MediaExpresso 6.5
Flash 10.3
SiSoft Sandra
Civilization V
DiRT 3
Dragon Age 2
PCMark 7

The test system was built from scratch, a format of the hard drive was performed (NTFS) and then Windows 7 was installed. Following the completion of the installation, the video drivers were installed. All windows updates were then installed as were the latest builds of the benchmarking tools. Finally, the hard drives were de-fragmented. For each test, the video drivers were set to default quality/optimizations (unless otherwise stated).

Good Benchmarking Practice
Where possible, each benchmark was performed three times and the median result for each resolution/setting is shown in the tables that will follow. All applications had their latest patches applied and all hardware features the latest BIOS/Firmware.
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