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Synology DiskStation DS411 NAS Review

by Stuart Kerley - 12th September 2011
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Synology DiskStation DS411 Review

Software - DiskStation 3.2 Initial Set Up

Released on the 6th of September DiskStation Manager 3.2 is the most recent incarnation of the OS for Synology NAS devices. DSM 3.2 allows us to manage all aspects of the DiskStation via a single web browser tab utilising multitasking and personalisation. DSM 3.2 uses HTML5 and CSS3 to allow us to drag-n-drop windows around the browser tab giving us complete control over what we are viewing.

The control panel is one of the first places to go when first getting started with DSM 3.2. Here we find a plethora of options that allow us to control File Sharing, Network Services, System Settings and Application Settings.

The first step once we have DSM up and running is to create a volume on our drive. Depending on the size and type of the volume being created this can take some time.

After we have our volume we can then create a shared folder which we can then start uploading files to. DSM 3.2 offers extensive permission and security setting options for our folders and we can create individual user access, or group access to folders/files based on standard Linux rules (Read Write/Read Only/No Access). DSM also supports Windows® Access Control List (ACL) which offers more comprehensive and flexible privilege settings.
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