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Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD Launch Review

by Stuart Davidson - 23rd September 2011
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Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD Launch Review

File Copy Tests

Benchmark Results

In the first of our "true" real world tests we have created four file copy scenarios which cover operations which users are likely to perform on a regular basis. We copy single files of 18GB and 5GB (both video) and then multiple files totalling 3.4GB (pics/video) and 1.1GB (Music) from location to location within the drive, recording the time taken to complete the task.

In this set of tests the results are very interesting as they contradict the synthetic tests and this is down to how each drive is able to handle data which cannot be compressed as well as sustained writes. The result is Samsung leading the way by a significant amount for our video copy operations, also performing well for music and pictures. Intel and OCZ compete for second place in each test.
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