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Sony Tablet S (Android 3.2 - 16GB) Review

by Stuart Davidson - 26th September 2011
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Sony Tablet S (Android 3.2 16GB) Review

Sony Tablet S (Android 3.2 16GB) Review

It is fair to say that the evolution of tablet PC's from the unattractive, limited bricks of a few years ago to the desirable iOS and Android devices of current times has very much changed how technology manufacturers have to view the market. Those who had previously focused on phones now had to consider this larger form factor and manufacturers who may have been focused on small laptops/netbooks had to find a place in that middle ground too. This has meant a wide range of tablets have hit the market in a short period of time, boosted by the introduction of Android 3.x and we have seen some impressive devices from the likes of ASUS.

While Samsung and various others are now on their second generation of Android tablets one major manufacturer has been rather quiet, that being Sony. Known for some excellent portable VAIO systems as well as the rather cool P-Series devices Sony would seem ideally placed to enter the market early, but didn't. Instead we have had to wait until now to see what they had to offer.

Today we take a look at the Sony Tablet S, an Android Honeycomb (3.2) capable tablet which has impressive specifications and a design that sets it apart from the competition. Let's find out how Sony aim to change what we feel a tablet should be like with our in depth review.
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