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Konnet Power Pyramid - XBOX 360 and PS3 Controller Dock and Charger Review

by Stuart Davidson - 1st October 2011
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Konnet Power Pyramid for XBOX 360 and PS3 Review

Konnet Power Pyramid - XBOX 360 and PS3 Controller Dock and Charger Review

Back in August we took a look at the TwistDock for PS3 a stand and controller dock which was aimed at users who want to minimise clutter and maximise the space around their console. While that unit was good for some users there are others who have multiple consoles or many peripherals and having the various controllers strewn around the place can look untidy. A company looking to address this issue are Konnet.

Konnet offer a range of devices under the Power Pyramid series which allow us to charge and store multiple controllers, including mixed formats, and today we have their KN-9900 series unit in for review.

Packaging and Bundle

Konnet package the Power Pyramid in a reasonably compact box which shows a clear image of the product on the front and has plenty of information on the other sides. Inside we find the product manual and a compact power supply.

Inside the box our Power Pyramid is suspended in plastic and upon removing it we find a rather unique looking device. The entire unit is plastic with the main structure being black and controller connectors have a transparent design.

The top two docks on the Power Pyramid are designed to hold PS3 controllers and the bottom two, 360 with all four being charged at the same time if required.

To attach a controller on the Power Pyramid we simply slot it in place and then LED's in each transparent plastic holder light up to show the charge status, red for charging and blue for complete. We do of course have to have rechargeable batteries inside our 360 controllers rather than the standard AA's.

Overall there is nothing too fancy about the Power Pyramid; it is a simple functional device. The unique structure looks good and the build quality feels decent. Our controllers sit securely on the device and this keeps them safe, tidy and ready for gaming. The unit is priced reasonably and the ability to mix controller types will also benefit enthusiast gamers and so the Power Pyramid wins our recommended award.

Product Award
Play.com - £29.80

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