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PowerColor Devil 13 HD6970 Graphics Card Review

by Stuart Davidson - 12th November 2011
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PowerColor Devil 13 HD6970 Graphics Card Review


As we noted earlier in the review the Devil 13 card from PowerColor impresses from the moment it is unboxed from the shipping packaging. A high quality box flips open to reveal drawers and safely tucked away within these is a great bundle which includes all the connectors and cables we need as well as a quality tool kit and free copy of DiRT 3. The card itself is stored in a separate drawer with plenty of foam and upon removing it from the anti static bag it is clear that this is a special 6970.

The two 92mm fans dominate the front with four 8mm heatpipes extending out the top. Flipping the card over the great build quality continues as we see voltage read points, status LEDS, a prodalizer capacitor and some nice custom artwork.

Underneath the heatsink the improved design continues with plenty of components which are designed to minimise temperatures and maximise stability and reliability. That's before we consider the external switch for BIOS selection.

In terms of performance the Devil 13 scores well. With the performance BIOS enabled we get framerates which compete with the similarly priced GTX 570 OC and the card remains near silent the majority of the time. Temperatures are also decent considering the extreme core and memory speed and the card remained stable throughout our testing.

For value, again the Devil 13 impresses. The thorough bundle and overall build quality mix with the standard AMD 6970 features to create a well-rounded product which is backed by a decent warranty.

The PowerColor 6970 Devil 13 allowed us to game at 1920x1080 with maximum detail in all of the latest games, including Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. A hugely impressive version of the 6970 which impresses from the outset and never lets up.

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RRP: £349/€349

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