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Seasonic Platinum Series 1000W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson - 28th November 2011
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Seasonic Platinum Series 1000W Power Supply Review

Seasonic Platinum Series 1000W - Internal

Seasonic use a Sanyo Denki San Ace branded fan for this PSU and clearly feel this is a quality product as its presence is noted on the product datasheet. It is a 12x12x2.5cm model (9S1212F404) with 7 blades and is a DC12V, 0.19A product with a maximum rpm of 2200.

Earlier on we mentioned the Hybrid fan switch on the back of the PSU and this, when active, allows our fan to stay off when the computer is in a low power/temperature state. Up to 50% load it is limited in RPM and above this the fan moves into a standard RPM to cool the PSU as normal.

For those who haven't seen this design before we have a unit which has a very clean spacious design inside with minimal clutter and small heatsinks. It has a DC to DC design and is filled with 105°C Japanese capacitor, a sign of quality and something which gives us peace of mind. As always on a Seasonic unit it is good to see components given stability with adhesive where required.

As always the range has several features which combine to protect the PC components in the event of a fault developing. First up is Over Voltage Protection which ensures that the 12, 5 and 3.3v outputs do not exceed a set level. Over-Current Protection works on the same outputs to ensure DC voltage remains within safe limits. Short-Circuit Protection which powers off the PSU should any of the 3.3v, 5v or 12v rails short any other rail or ground and of course the unit rounds the protection features off with Over Power Protection (135%) along with Over Temperature Protection.

In terms of key features we have a unit which has one 12v rated for 83A and mixed with this high specification is an 80 Plus Platinum certification which means it has passed certification of 90% efficiency at 20%, 91% at 100% load with 50% load rated at over 94% (230V).

Apart from patented DC connector module and dual sided PCB layout the other key design aspect is the use of solid connectors from the PCB to the high current gold plated outputs. Traditional PSUs use wiring from the PCB, to any daughter boards, then on to the modular (or hard wired cables) whereas Seasonic use a set of direct metal connectors. This minimises the components which are present to add heat and reduce efficiency. Essentially less watts are lost between the wall and our components compared to a traditional PSU design.

Finally it is worth noting that this PSU has a 7-Year warranty.
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