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Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD Review

by Stuart Davidson - 29th November 2011
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Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD Review

Maximum Read / Write

Benchmark Results

ATTO disk benchmark allows us to run a synthetic test on the various drives which are being reviewed today, letting us see the peak speed achieved on each model.

In this review we are comparing the Performance Pro to a selection of drives based on alternate controllers, the older revision Marvell based Intel 510 Series, OCZ's Sandforce based Vertex 3 Max IOPS, the new Samsung 830 Series and the even newer OCZ Octane which is an Indilinx based drive. This allows us to see how the various architectures compare and in the first test, which mainly focuses on speed, we see that the setups of each controller offer their own pros and cons. The Performance Pro for example offers a nice balance of read and write speeds.
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