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Kingston HyperX Genesis Quad Channel 2400MHz DDR3 Review

by Stuart Davidson - 1st December 2011
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Kingston HyperX Genesis DDR3-2400 8GB-Kit Quad Channel Memory Review

Kingston HyperX Genesis Quad Channel 2400MHz DDR3 Review - 8GB Kit

There was a period of time a few years ago when memory speed increases very much relied upon higher voltages and we saw manufacturers reaching settings in excess of 2.2v to achieve maximum performance. Things changed drastically overnight though when Intel launched a new architecture which limited voltage to 1.65v and at that stage memory manufacturers had to rethink their products. This is probably one of the least noticeable changes Intel have made for the average consumer but its effect is widespread because all modules released now meet that specification, even on kits designed for AMD systems.

With that move to 1.65v we eventually started to see higher performance modules released and in recent times manufacturers have more than mastered the requirements placed on them, exceeding 2000MHz with ease. Other approaches have been to focus on efficiency an power use, with Kingston as one example releasing modules which require just 1.35v to operate.

Today's review product comes from the high end of the performance spectrum and is a kit designed for Intels X79 platform, though it will also work on dual channel boards. With an advertised speed of 2400MHz we put the latest Kingston HyperX modules through a selection of real world and synthetic tests.
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