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SteelSeries Gaming Headsets Overview Dec 2011

by Stuart Davidson - 8th December 2011
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SteelSeries 7H Fnatic, Siberia v2 Black and Gold Edition and Siberia v2 Natus Vincere Overview

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Natus Vincere Limited Edition

As with the Black and Gold headset on the last page SteelSeries build the Nautus Vincere Edition on tried and trusted Siberia V2 hardware, tailoring it with the champion gaming organisations branding. This means a black and yellow design with the Na'Vi logo on our headband/ear cups and yellow rubberised cable.

Again this is a closed type design, 50mm drivers, leatherette ear-pads with foam for noise reduction and 3m cable (1m+2m extension) with gold plated connectors. Part way down the yellow cable our in-line volume control and mic mute are present with the suspension based headband again used. The retractable microphone which is a key SteelSeries feature is again present.

You can read our in-depth user experience on the Siberia V2 here or move on to the 7H Fnatic Limited Edition here.
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