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Cyberpower LAN Party EVO Commander System Review

by Stuart Davidson - 9th December 2011
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Cyberpower LAN Party EVO Commander Gaming System with Core i5 and GTX 560 Ti Review

Cyberpower LAN Party EVO Commander Gaming System Review

Everyone would like to have the time and knowledge to allow them to build a custom PC, tailored to their needs but it can be a daunting process. Choosing the right components within a budget, ensuring they are all compatible, working out the little quirks in each case during the build process and that's before it even gets to the stage of working out how to best install and configure Windows.

It's a minefield for the average consumer and that's where the likes of Cyberpower come in. Founded in 1998 Cyberpower take all the hard work out of building a system based on retail components. Their online configurator allows us to build a system to our needs and then it is built, configured, enhanced and then sent out ready to turn on and use. Simple.

One of the latest systems to be released by Cyberpower is the LAN Party Evo Commander, a compact system aimed at gamers and those who want decent productivity performance. We have one on our test bench today so let's take a look at what Cyberpower can offer.
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