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Cyberpower LAN Party EVO Commander System Review

by Stuart Davidson - 9th December 2011
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Cyberpower LAN Party EVO Commander Gaming System with Core i5 and GTX 560 Ti Review

OS and Software

Our system arrived with Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, updated with SP1.

Installed on the system were all of the drivers required to have the system run at an optimal level and absolutely no bloat. Essentially Cyberpower allow the user to choose which software they do/don't want... exactly the way a system should be.


As the system uses retail products we get a retail BIOS and in this case that means ASUS excellent GUI which makes configuration of the PC quick and easy. Of course Cyberpower have done the hard work for us, setting the performance options to a stable but enhanced level. Also worth noting is that because Cyberpower use Gigabyte and ASUS boards in this system we have access to quick and easy BIOS flashes using their tools to update from USB.
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