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PlayStation Move Games Roundup Dec 2011

by Stuart Davidson - 17th December 2011
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PlayStation Move Games Roundup December 2011
So it's the week before Christmas and fast approaching that stage where people everywhere run out, or online to buy last minute gifts for their loved ones. For the gamer there have been some excellent releases over the past few months such as Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim and Zelda: Skyward Sword which are all worthy candidates but not the only option. Hidden away in the busy winter releases were more than a few interesting titles for Sony's PS3 Move controller and today we will take a quick look at each of them, and a few older titles to see what might appeal in those last minute gift buying sessions.

So what does someone need to get up and running with Move? Well the simple step for those who don't already have the hardware is to buy Sony's Starter pack, shown above, which retails for around £30/$40 and contains the camera add-on and main Move controller. This, combined with the standard PS3 controller, will get the gamer started with more advanced players given the option of buying the navigation controller.

Setup is simple, just charge the move controller via the same USB cable as the PS3's normal pad and then connect the camera via USB. The PlayStation automatically recognises the hardware and upon putting in each game we go through a few quick steps to sync the camera and Move controller (which can also be used to navigate through the PS3 operating system).

On the next page we will talk about some of the kid/family/party based games before then moving on to some more dance and fitness orientated titles.
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