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HTC Rhyme Android Smartphone Review

by Niall Coleman - 21st December 2011
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HTC Rhyme Android Smartphone Review

HTC Rhyme Smartphone Review

Over the past few months we have seen some handsets from HTC which very much pushed the boundaries in the Android marketplace. The Sensation was a high end dual core handset which was release to compete at the top of the market and the Evo 3D took a similar specification and added stereoscopic 3D functionality for the true hardware enthusiast. Both products scored well with the Sensation being praised for its great performance and high level of build quality.

The Rhyme is a departure for HTC from previous handsets in terms of form and function. When looking at this model we cannot help being struck by its unique styling and it's out of the ordinary, for HTC at least, colour and bundled accessories. This is a very deliberate attempt by HTC to target their product at a specific consumer type, but how does it stack up? We will take a look at the HTC Rhyme today and find out if it is a handset of substance or just form over function.

Packaging and Bundle

Our initial reaction to the packaging of the HTC Rhyme was that it is very much reminiscent of the style used on perfume bottles. The plum coloured box is twice the size of the normal HTC retail packaging and has no images of the handset on it. On the right side of the box we find small plum coloured fabric loop which acts as the handle for a lighter coloured drawer.

Once we pull the drawer out, we find the handset suspended on a cardboard shelf above some of the accessories with the other accessories located in an adjacent compartment.

The bundled accessories consisted of a Quick Start guide, Safety and Regulation guide, Warranty Statement, international contact sheet, Optional Accessories guide, USB cable, mains adapter, plum coloured flat cable earphones and a cream phone cover.

Also bundled with the Rhyme are a plum coloured "Charm" and a Docking Station.

The phone "Charm" consist of an approximately 75cm long braided cable with a 1cm cube at one end. The "Charm" clips into the 3.5mm socket on the top of the phone and emits a soft glow when we receive a call or text message.

The Docking Station is slightly larger than the handset and has a concave surface enabling us to place the handset inside where it rests at a 45° angle, slightly taller than flush. The Docking Station allows us to charge the phone but it is also intended to enable us to transform the phone into an alarm clock and music centre.
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