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Corsair Vengeance K90, K60 Gaming Keyboards and M90, M60 Gaming Mice Review

by Stuart Davidson - 23rd December 2011
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Corsair Vengeance K90 Keyboard, M90 Mouse, M60 Mouse and K60 Keyboard Review

Corsair Vengeance Software

The first point of note for the Vengeance gaming gear is that the K60 does not require a driver, it is plug and play. For the other devices we go through a standard installer and all three can be controlled from the same application, no need to switch from one program to another to configure our keyboard or mouse. Corsair also support firmware updates via a downloadable tool.

Looking first to the keyboard area of the Corsair software we find a screen which allows us to set the functions on each of the gaming keys. We can also switch our lighting level as well as turn it off and move between profiles. Speaking of profiles, these can be managed (including import/export) from a secton of the software which is shared by each device.

Moving to the mouse area of the Corsair control panel we find that the first tab for each device allows us to configure our buttons and lighting on each device. Moving to the second tab we can set DPI levels for the on-the-fly changes in 100 increments, enable surface quality detection, configure lift distance, enable angle snapping and alter response rate.
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