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AMD Fusion A8-3870K Overclocking and Dual Graphics Performance Review

by Stuart Davidson - 28th December 2011
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AMD Fusion A8-3870K APU Overclocking and Dual Graphics Performance Review

AMD Fusion A8-3870K Overclocking and Dual Graphics Performance Review

At the start of 2011 AMD released the first of their APUs in the form of the E-Series. These processors featured multiple CPU cores along with a DirectX 11 capable graphics processor on the same chip, bringing new features and performance to entry level systems. A few months later AMD launched the A-Series, a set of midrange components which allowed people to take advantage of more cores and higher performance graphics in a more traditional style of build. ATX motherboards based on the new FM1 socket and A75 chipset were first to arrive, then soon after it was smaller variants offering a wide range of options for mainstream consumers.

Although the AMD A-Series of APUs offered some overclocking options they certainly couldn't claim to be aimed at enthusiasts, until now. With the release of the A8-3870K AMD have a processor which is aimed very much at those who love to tweak and overclock but can't quite afford the higher cost of AMD or Intel's other components. Today we take a look at the potential of the A8-3870K on its own and in dual graphics mode to see what it offers for Skyrim, StarCraft 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic players.
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