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Cooler Master Cosmos II Case Review

by Stuart Davidson - 3rd January 2012
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Cooler Master Cosmos II Case Review


For its time the original Cosmos 1000 was a very impressive case and other than a few minor issues such as not quite enough room behind the motherboard for wiring and a slightly flimsy back panel it still stands up well against a large number of today's cases. In the high end though chassis such as Corsairs 800D, Xigmatek's Elysium and Cooler Master's own HAF X have taken the product segment to new levels but with a more industrial styling. The Cosmos 2 brings something new to the comparison with a more refined, stylish design which looks great while retaining the classic handles from the original. Nice touches such as the brushed aluminium sides and metal buttons really add a feel of quality, just like the smooth action on the top and front sliding sections.

The high level of quality continues elsewhere with the rugged door hinge/locks which also highlight one of the Cosmos 2's key features, sides which swing open with removal an option, making quick changes inside the case much easier than with panels which must be removed. The design used by Cooler Master also allows for plenty of flexibility in terms of component choice thanks to support for e/XL ATX boards, 10 PCIe slots, 38.5cm graphics cards, additional fans, 13 hard drives, water-cooling and extra fans.

We are also pleased to report that there is plenty of room behind the drives/motherboard tray for wiring and that the back panel, actually the whole chassis, feels solid. There are however a couple of minor things which some users may need to take into account. Firstly dual width radiators, especially those with dual fans, need to be installed at the rear exhaust, there isn't quite room above the motherboard and those with modular PSUs will want to plug in the wires before slotting in the power supply as there isn't much room between the wiring area and the bottom drive bays. Minor issues really.

In terms of performance the Cooler Master Cosmos 2 scores well, offering low noise levels and plenty of airflow which can be enhanced by adding additional fans if required. For value, we are still waiting to hear what the case retails at but given our experience with previous Cooler Master products we fully expect the Cosmos 2 to be priced appropriately for its features, performance and quality.

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