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MSI Big Bang XPower 2 X79 Motherboard Review

by Stuart Davidson - 3rd January 2012
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MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 Motherboard Review

Real World Performance - Media Encoding

Video Encoding
Our first media encoding test uses the latest CS5.5 software from Adobe. This software accesses all of the cores/threads available on our processors and is therefore an ideal application for media enthusiasts. To test performance we run a high resolution file (custom recording) through the encoder set to 1080p 24 HQ using the H.264 Blu-Ray codec within the application.

Benchmark Results

Music Encoding
Our music conversion test takes a 2CD lossless album and converts it using dBpoweramp into 128Kbps Mp3 format. dBpoweramp is a multi-threaded application which allows us to convert a track on each core/thread, at any one time.

Benchmark Results

In video and audio encoding tests we see, as with the SATA/PCIe/USB and memory tests on the last page, that the MSI board is very competitive with the high end ASUS board and on video work the XPower 2 just edges ahead.
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