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Boxee Box By D-Link Review

by Niall Coleman - 5th January 2012
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Boxee Box By D-Link Review

Packaging and Bundle

The Boxee Box by D-Link is a Linux based set-top media extender that is packaged in a matt black cube measuring 18cm3. High gloss images of the Boxee are on all sides with the exception of the bottom and the back, which is a tasteful bright orange panel detailing the key features of the device.

Once we unfold the rap-around lid, which covers two complete sides of the box, we find the device suspended in a cardboard cradle with 6.5cm of cardboard cushioning on all sides. Beneath this is a spacious 5cm compartment which houses the bundled components.

Delving through the cardboard trapdoor we are presented with a 12V/2A switching Power Adapter, an HDMI cable, Declaration of Conformity, D-Link GPL Code Statement, Warranty & Safety Information, Install Guide, and 2-Sided Remote with CR2032 3V lithium Battery.
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