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Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Tri-CrossFire Graphics Card Review

by Stuart Davidson - 9th January 2012
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Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Tri-CrossFire featuring the Pure Black X79N Motherboard

Battlefield 3 - DirectX 11

Battlefield 3 was tested at 1920x1080 with 4xAA, 16xAF and all other settings at their maximum as well as 5760x1080 without AA.

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results


So we started with some great scaling on 3DMark with our Sapphire cards and in Battlefield 3 we get good single and dual card performance at both 1920x1080 and 5760x1080. Moving past dual GPUs to Quad proves problematic for both NVIDIA and AMD on X79 though as the game suffers from crashes on NVIDIA and corruption on AMD, both should be fixed in upcoming drivers we hope. The Tri 7970 doesn't suffer to the same extent though and offers us some excellent framerates with three cards installed, the result of some decent scaling.

Here are examples of how the game looks at our tested settings.

Click here for full resolution 5760x1080
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