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Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse Review

by Stuart Davidson - 11th January 2012
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Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse Review

Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse Review

GeIL, - Golden Emperor International Limited - are probably best known for their memory products but recently they have been branching out into PSUs and gaming accessories with subsidiary companies Thortech and Epic Gear. We looked at the Thortech 1000W PSU recently and found it to be a good quality product with a nice twist for those who like to be well informed about the status of their system.

Now Epic Gear have given us the opportunity to have a look at their new gaming mouse the Meduza which features Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology. Essentially the Meduza is equipped with two sensors, one laser and one optical which when combined create an impressive specification. Let's take a closer look.

Packaging and Bundle

The Meduza is presented in a large cardboard box with a cut-out front revealing the mouse itself. The front of box features demonic face artwork and the mouse along with interior packaging look like a gaping mouth.

The sides of the box have the product name emblazoned on them but are otherwise devoid of information unlike the back of the box which has detailed specifications and images of the mouse. The back also has a cut-out section which reveals the underneath of the mouse and shows us the dual sensor setup. This area of the packaging is surrounded by stylised hair, making reference to the mouse's name.

The top of the narrow box flips open to allow us access to the Meduza which is housed in a moulded clear plastic container. Sealed within the clear plastic container is the mouse, a CD with Meduza application software and sheet of paper with details of key assignments and a four step easy setup guide.
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