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Motorola Razr Android Smartphone Review

by Stuart Davidson - 19th January 2012
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Motorola Razr Android Smartphone Review

Motorola's Android

The Razr arrived with us using Android 2.3.5 and it supports over the air updates, though at the time of testing none were available.

Our Razr software experience begins with the welcome screen and from here we launch the phone setup, featuring the usual steps such as connecting to Wi-Fi. Upon completion of these steps we are given the option of importing data from an existing Motorola device and then have the ability to set up various social media accounts including Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on. The final screen before our OS becomes fully functional is a small tutorial which lets us know the basics of using the device.

Looking at the home screen layout for the Razr we have a fairly standard affair. The default screen offers icons for phone, text, camera and apps with Gmail, browser, maps and market above. The standard Android help widget is present, as is a Motorola contacts Widget and our status bar and clock etc are at the top.

There are an additional four screens active by default and each has its own widgets such as music, Google search, social network updates and calendar. As always with Android these are completely customisable.

Hitting the apps shortcut takes us to an alphabetical list and we see that Motorola have kept the pre-installed software to a minimum. We get all of the key Google apps such as market, maps and so on with office functionality handled by Quick Office. YouTube makes an appearance too, as does Zinio reader.
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