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Enermax Briskie Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

by Stuart Davidson - 21st January 2012
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Enermax Briskie Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Enermax Briskie Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Enermax, without doubt, are best known for their fans and PSUs. In each area they offer class leading products and often models which have unique features such as the ability to remove their fan blades. Looking at the PSU range, its all about quality as our recent review of the Platimax demonstrated.

For some time now Enermax have also offered a range of peripherals and thinking back a number of years one of the most impressive keyboards we have tested was the original Aurora Premium. Its metal chassis and low profile keys offered a very high quality experience which was hard to match.

It Can be beneficial to have a diverse product catalogue though and that's exactly what Enermax have been building recently. One of the most recent additions to Enermax's peripherals range is the Briskie wireless keyboard and mouse bundle, a low cost product which is aimed at mainstream users.

Packaging and Bundle

Enermax package the Briskie bundle in a long thin box and show a clear image of the products on the front. Thre is also a sticker which informs us about the free bundled item, speaking of which... bundled with the keyboard and mouse is product documentation, batteries and a mousemat. This mousmat can also be used as a screen protector (place it between your laptop display and keys) and as a screen cleaning cloth which is a nice touch.
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