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HTC Explorer Android Smartphone Review

by Niall Coleman - 25th January 2012
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HTC Explorer Android Smartphone Review

HTC Explorer Smartphone Review

Over the past few years HTC have become one of the major players in the smartphone market. Whether it is Android or Windows Phone the user is interested in HTC have a handset, or many, that suit the needs of most consumers.

One of the best selling handsets of the last 12 months was the Wildfire (and Wildfire S) which offered an entry level device for those looking for a first smartphone without breaking the bank. That handset is starting to show its age though and recently HTC updated the bottom end of its product stack introducing the Explorer.

The Explorer is HTC's new entry level smartphone aimed at those customers looking for a smartphone but turned off by the large, feature rich and costly offering that is the HTC Sensation and its ilk. The Explorer is billed as being easy and intuitive to use for first timers. We have the privilege of giving it the once over and finding out if this offering is small and mighty or a budget cut too far.

Packaging and Bundle

The review model we got came in the standard white packaging that the review models are clad in. A retail model will be packaged in the more dynamic retail packaging and includes, as well as the handset, the battery, Quick Start guide, Safety and regulation guide, Warranty Statement, USB cable and mains adapter. The Sensation box and bundle is shown above to give some idea of the packaging and bundle.
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