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Archos 101 G9 Android Tablet Review

by Niall Coleman - 1st February 2012
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Archos 101 G9 Android Tablet Review

Archos 101 G9 Android Tablet Review

Archos have been creating portable media devices for some time now and built a loyal following among consumers in the process. Therefore when they released one of their first Android tablets a little over a year ago many people were quick to try it.

What they found was a device which didn't try to emulate the iPad as many other models do and within its unique casing was a decent, for the time, unit which offered plenty of functionality and received plenty of OS updates and tweaks from Archos over time, enhancing the performance and user experience.

Nearly a year ago we had the privilege of reviewing the Archos 101 Android Internet Tablet and found it to be an interesting low cost alternative for those who didn't want to spend nearly £500 on competitor's models. Now Archos are back with an updated "Gen 9" version of the 101 Android tablet. Featuring Android 3.2.1 and updated specifications can it offer something worthwhile in an ever more crowded market?

Packaging and Bundle

Archos package the 101 G9 in a box which shows a clear view of the tablet on the front and highlights some of the key features with various logos. The back of the box has a number of images that illustrate potential uses of the tablet and it also has more detailed information on some of the other features.

The noteworthy information on the side of the packaging consists of an explanation of the optional 3G USB stick and inside the box we find the tablet well protected by a cover and suspended in foam blocks.

Bundled with the 101 G9 is warranty and safety notice, a guide to the G9 3G stick and a user guide. Other than the selection of product literature we also have a USB cable and charger. The charger has various plug attachments so that it can be used across the world when travelling without the need for a travel adaptor. We would however like to note that the USB cable could do with being longer, as with almost every tablet, to allow easier use when charging.
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