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RHA SA-850 Headphones and MA-350 Earphones Review

by Stuart Kerley - 9th February 2012
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RHA SA-850 Headphones and MA-350 Earphones Review

RHA MA-350 Earphones - A Closer Look

The MA-350 is an in-ear headset that is precision manufactured from solid aluminium and features a unique aerophonic design which ensures a natural transfer of sound from the speaker to the ear. The soft silicone tips provided with the MA-350 offer comfort and noise isolation.

The headset ear buds use 10mm Mylar drivers and each earpiece has a frequency response of 16Hz-22,000Hz with impedance of 16ohms. Sensitivity is rated at 103dB and they have a rated/max power of 3/10mW.

The MA-350 features a 1.2m braided fabric cable and like the SA-850 as well as all the other products in the RHA range they have 3.5mm gold plated connectors. The cable features a small toggle that stretches from the ear buds to one third of the way along the cable. This toggle can be moved up and down the cable to keep it neat and tidy.
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