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MSI R7970 Lightning Enthusiast Overclocked Graphics Card Review

by Stuart Davidson - 16th March 2012
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MSI R7970 Lightning Enthusiast Overclocked Graphics Card Review

MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning (Enthusiast Overclocked Graphics Card) Review

Since the release of AMDs 7900 series we have taken a look at several 7970 products from various manufacturers including two factory overclocked models which applied a custom design to the solid AMD base. As is always the case though time to work with a new product results in manufacturers pushing it further and further towards its limit.

Today we have the most extreme 7970 we have received yet, the MSI Radeon 7970 Lightning. On paper MSI have taken this GPU to a whole new level with extra PCB's, voltage read points, power phases and top of the line components so we are going to do the same. Rather than bench the card at its impressive factory overclock we are taking it to the limit, its maximum stable overclock to see how it compares to the reference design as well as an overclocked, 3GB GTX 580.
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