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ZOTAC ZBOX Blu-Ray AD05 Plus Mini PC Review

by Stuart Davidson - 4th April 2012
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ZOTAC ZBOX Blu-Ray AD05 Plus Mini PC Review

ZOTAC ZBOX Blu-Ray AD05 Plus Mini PC Review

In the PC industry there are always a number of ways to meet the needs of consumers with manufacturers designing similar products around the same base components. This can often result in a bunch of products which are too samey, not offering enough to differentiate them from the next but when done right it offers unique items that suit particular groups of consumers.

Back in January we reviewed the ZOTAC ZBOX AD04 Plus and found it to be a solid, impressive take on AMDs latest APU/Chipset. Ideal for home and office use it was compact enough to store pretty much anywhere but for media users it was lacking in an optical drive. To resolve that concern ZOTAC have added a new model to their product catalogue and redesigned their chassis around added functionality. Today on our test bench we have the ZBOX AD05 Plus Blu-Ray, a compact, slim chassis for those who want a small media system.

Packaging and Bundle

ZOTAC package their ZBOX Plus in a box which gives a clear view of the product on the front and lists a number of the key features with it. On the back we find more product information and inside the system is well protected by foam and wrapped in protective plastic.

Bundled with the ZBOX we find a selection of documentation, software CD, 90w PSU, remote (with USB receiver) and DVI to VGA convertor. Also provided are a stand to mount the unit and the media centre remote (with battery).
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