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MSI GT683DXR Gaming Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 19th April 2012
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MSI GT683DXR Laptop Review

Platform Performance (CPU, Memory Bandwidth, SATA, USB 3.0)

SiSoft Sandra, PCMark and Atto allow us to see how a system performs in a set of synthetic tests which ensure repeatable comparisons across a wide range of products.





We start the performance section of this review with a look at some of the key system performance aspects of the MSI system and in doing so will be comparing it to a system based on the Ultrabook concept, Dells XPS 13 in its base configuration. This allows us to see how this gaming notebook compares with the latest design in non CPU/GPU tests.

Starting with PCMark we see that the MSI system has strong performance in the CPU and GPU based tests with drive performance also good for a mobile system, though not up to the level of those using SSDs. The RAID0 configuration does however double the speed we would expect from 7200RPM drives, hitting approx. 175-200MB/s in Atto. Memory bandwidth on the GT683DXR is also good, squeezing a little extra performance out of the DDR3-1333 setup with USB 3.0 performance also good.
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