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Razer Mass Effect 3 Gaming Gear Review

by Stuart Davidson - 26th April 2012
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Razer Mass Effect 3 Gaming Gear - BlackWidow Ultimate, Imperator, Onza, Chimaera and Vespula Review

Razer Vespula Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition

Razer ME3 Vespula precision surface Razer ME3 Vespula speed surface

The hard coated Vespula pad measures 320mm / 12.61" (Length) x 260mm / 10.24" (Width) x 20mm / 0.79" (Height) and weighs 332g featuring more discrete Mass Effect 3 styling across the majority of the surface. That surface is non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant and has a cut out at the base to position the provided, gel filled memory conformance wrist rest.

Precision surface closeup Speed surface close up

The two surfaces are shown close up in the above and the reason for having both is that one offers faster tracking and the other enhanced precision, suiting various play styles. Also visible are the red rubber sections on the edges which stop the pad from slipping on the desk.
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