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Corsair GS800 Gaming Series Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson - 13th June 2012
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Corsair GS800 Gaming Series Power Supply Review

Corsair GS800 - Gaming Series Power Supply - External

Corsair GS800 PSU - base Corsair GS800 PSU - top

Corsair GS800 PSU - side

As is reasonably standard for PSUs nowadays the GS series uses black matt paint for the majority of the chassis but Corsair mix things up a little using an industrial design with flash of blue (which can be removed/replaced). Attached to the sides are branding stickers with the blue and white colour scheme of the GS range and on the top we can see the black fan grill with the company logo in the centre. Flipping the PSU over we find a sticker which lists some specification and certification information for the product.

The 800w version of this PSU measures 8.6x15x16cm, identical to the original.

Corsair GS800 PSU - rear

At the rear of the PSU we find the standard 3 pin socket, a rocker switch for on/off and slotted air vents rather than the traditional perforation/holes. Added to this is a button which is used to cycle the fan LEDs between off and coloured; we can also clearly see the angled design of the chassis.

Over on the opposite end of the unit we find a blank surface and the hole where the wiring exits the PSU.

Corsair GS800 PSU - cables

Each of the cables are braided for the majority of their length and where the braiding ends there are rubber sections to ensure long term durability.

The full list of cables, designed to be compatible even with E-ATX cases, is as follows:

Connectors included
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