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Razer Naga 2012 Edition Gaming Mouse Review

by Vas Roberts - 9th July 2012
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Razer Naga Gaming Mouse 2012 Edition Review

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse 2012 Edition Review

In 2009 Razer introduced the Naga mouse. Designed for those who played the likes of World of Warcraft it was a mouse which very much changed the way MMOs could be played. With 12 thumb buttons we could command our character quicker and easier than before and since then Razer have expanded on the base design, looking to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers. One example is the Epic edition which went wireless, amongst other changes and more recently we had the Hex hit the market with its mechanical thumb buttons which suited MOBA and FPS games.

Now Razer have a new Naga to launch, the 2012 edition which takes the base design and tweaks it to offer a similar, but different user experience for those who are not as keen on the soft touch coating of the original... or indeed its size and shape. We have the Naga 2012 on our test bench today so let's see what has changed in detail.

Packaging and Bundle

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse 2012 Edition front of the box Razer Naga Gaming Mouse 2012 Edition packaging

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse 2012 Edition bundle

Razer package the Naga 2012 in a box which shares similar styling to the majority of their other mice. On the front we get a nice clear image of the mouse along with some specifications and the front flips open to reveal the Naga encased in plastic. Bundled with the mouse we get product documentation, stickers, a set of replacement thumb guides and a set of grips, more on those shortly.
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