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GELID Icy Vision-A GPU Cooler for AMD Review

by Mark Reed - 11th July 2012
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GELID Icy Vision-A GPU Cooler for AMD Review

GELID Icy Vision-A GPU Cooler for 7950/7970 Review

When buying an AMD reference card it is often the case, at least on the high end models, that the cooler will not be silent. Regardless of the claims made from generation to generation the reference design cooler has been noisier than the competition and more often than not we rely on AMDs partners such as Sapphire, XFX and the like to produce custom models with quieter coolers.

Of course custom models can get expensive so what is the alternative? Well we could buy a reference board and then add our own 3rd party cooler but how would that compare to a pre-built model? Today we find out as we install a Gelid Icy Vision-A on our 7950 and see how the temperatures compare to the XFX custom cooler and AMD reference design.

Packaging and Bundle

GELID Icy Vision-A GPU Cooler packaging GELID Icy Vision-A GPU Cooler bundle

Gelid package their Icy Vision-A in a box which allows us to see the entire body of the cooler, as well as many of the bundled components (through the back). Shown above are the various extras, of which some have multiple items, and a few items of note are the fan cable which allows us to connect direct to the mobo/PSU along with a tube of Gelid's GC-2 paste.
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