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Buffalo AirStation 1750 802.11ac WiFi Router and AirStation 1300 Media Bridge Review

by Stuart Kerley - 18th September 2012
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Buffalo AirStation 1750 Dual-Band Gigabit Router and AirStation 1300 Media Bridge Review

Buffalo AirStation 1750 Gigabit Router and AirStation 1300 Media Bridge Review

Next generation equipment and the cutting edge of technology, this is the place where early adopters live. Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at two such devices, launching us into the next step in wireless networking, 802.11ac.

The AirStation 1750 is a wireless gigabit dual band router offering compatibility with the 802.11ac standard, the next level up from the current high end wireless standard 802.11n. Although 802.11ac is still under development it promises to offer super-fast networking in the 5GHz band. To support the AirStation 1750 we will also be looking at the AirStation 1300 a gigabit media bridge also supporting the fledgling 802.11ac standard.

AirStation 1750 - Packaging and Bundle

Buffalo AirStation 1750 box Buffalo AirStation 1750 box

Firstly, let's take a look at the AirStation 1750 packaging. The dual band router is provided in a medium sized cardboard box and on the front of the box we find a large graphic of the product along with some of the key features. Turning the box around we find more information regarding the range and speed of the router as well as an image showing the available ports provided.

Buffalo AirStation 1750 box Buffalo AirStation 1750 box

Each edge of the box provides more technical information regarding the AirStation 1750. As well as providing the new 802.11ac standard in the 5GHz range the AirStation 1750 is also fully backward compatible with the 802.11 n/a/g/b standards. Being a dual band router is also provides connections at 2.4GHz.

Buffalo AirStation 1750 protection Buffalo AirStation 1750 protection

Opening the box up we find the router secured in a cardboard holder. Lifting this out of the box underneath we find the cables and power unit provided with the router.

Buffalo AirStation 1750 manuals Buffalo AirStation 1750 bundle

Included with the router we find a quick set up guide and warranty information as well as a CD containing a full user manual. Buffalo provide a power unit that has a switchable plug setting to deal with different localised plugs. We also find two screws should we want to wall mount the router along with feet that help stabilise the unit on our desk and an Ethernet cable.
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