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SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Mouse Review

by Stuart Davidson - 5th October 2012
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SteelSeries World of Warcraft: Wireless MMO Mouse Review

SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Mouse Review

For all that World of Warcraft is the MMO that all others aspire to be it is fair to say that its popularity isn't quite at an all-time peak, even of the latest expansion is a high quality addition to the franchise. Back in the heyday of WoW when it was filled by a massive number of hardcore players SteelSeries launched a mouse which was ultra desirable, their first Warcraft model.

The first World of Warcraft mouse was so popular that SteelSeries couldn't make enough of them and since then the design has been refined a few times, maximising the comfort, ease of use and performance. So without doubt the newer models have improved on that original model and with Mists of Pandaria going live last week SteelSeries have released the official mouse, a wireless device and we have one of the first samples on our test bench.

Packaging and Bundle

WoW Wireless MMO Mouse box WoW Wireless MMO Mouse packaging

WoW Wireless MMO Mouse bundle

The WoW Wireless mouse is packaged in a large box with windowed corner and fold open front which gives us plenty of information on the mouse. Inside we find a short manual, sticker, SteelSeries guide and micro-USB cable.

WoW MoP QcK Surface

WoW MoP QcK Surface WoW MoP QcK Surface

For the launch of MoP SteelSeries have also refreshed their branded QcK range of mouse pads with new artwork. A Monk character is shown on the front of this 320x270mm version with the cloth surface sitting on a 2mm thick rubber base which provides stability on our desk.

Lets take a look at the mouse...
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