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Sapphire Edge VS8 Mini-PC Review

by Stuart Davidson - 22nd December 2012
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Sapphire Edge VS8 Mini-PC Review

Sapphire Edge VS8 Mini-PC Review

With the release of Intel's ATOM and more recently the E-Series APUs from AMD we saw a new generation of systems released by various manufacturers. These mini-PCs offered many of the features available in larger systems but with a much smaller footprint and right at the forefront of the market was Sapphire with their Edge systems. Not only were these systems similar in size to a DVD case they were also relatively low cost solutions which, with some decent features, meant that the product as a whole was well balanced.

Now Sapphire are back with their latest generation of mini-PC, the EDGE VS8. Based around AMDs A8 APU we get quad core processing and DirectX 11 graphics, all in an ultra-compact chassis.

Packaging and Bundle

Sapphire Edge VS8 box Sapphire Edge VS8 protection

Sapphire package their EDGE VS series in a reasonably plain box which focuses on the APU model used as well as a note that a VESA mount is provided. Inside the box we find the system wrapped in a protective bag, surrounded by cardboard and foam.

Sapphire Edge VS8 box Sapphire Edge VS8 protection

Bundled with the EDGE VS we get the VESA mount, desktop stand and 65w PSU. Also included is a HDMI cable, HDMI to DVI convertor, optical audio cable and documentation/drivers.
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