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Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2400 32GB Memory Kit Review

by Stuart Davidson - 28th December 2012
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Kingston HyperX Beast Memory DDR3-2400 32GB Kit Review

Synthetic Testing

For our synthetic testing we run the modules through a selection of applications which are designed to test performance of components in a reliable, repeatable manner. We have selected the latest build of SiSoft Sandra to test Memory Bandwidth and Cinebench R11 to test productivity performance. To find out if there is any impact from these modules on gaming performance we have run our systems through the Performance pre-set on 3DMark 2011 Professional Edition and to round things off we have stressed the full system with PCMark 7.

SiSoft Sandra

Benchmark Results

Cinebench R11.5 x64

Benchmark Results

3DMark 2011 Professional

Benchmark Results

PCMark 7

Benchmark Results

When looking at the synthetic test results it is immediately obvious that the Kingston Beast modules give us performance increases across the board. Often we find that timing changes required to get higher MHz cancel out the speed increase but that isn't the case here when compared to 2133MHz sticks and the HyperX branded kit gives us the edge whether it is pure memory bandwidth or CPU/GPU related tasks.
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