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PNY XLR8 Pro SSD Review

by Stephanie Goody - 8th January 2013
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PNY XLR8 Pro SSD Review


PNY XLR8 Pro SSD front view PNY XLR8 Pro SSD base

PNY go with an all metal casing on the XLR8 Pro drive and stick to the standard 9.5mm height (100x70x9.5mm) for the 2.5" form factor. The drive weighs 80g and printed on the top we have product branding with an information sticker on the base.

PNY XLR8 Pro SSD internal PNY XLR8 Pro SSD pcb

Inside the XLR8 we have a green PCB and the SATA3 power and data connectors can clearly be seen at the edge of the board. On one side we find eight 25nm MLC NAND Flash chips (Synchronous 3K P/E rated) which are branded Intel with the part number 29F16B16MCME. Another eight are on the opposite side of the PCB along with the Sandforce 2281 controller.

PNY build the drives with overprovisioning included as is data fail recovery and ECC/UBER. 128-bit AES security is also supported as is SMART and TRIM. PNY also go for an extended warranty of 5 years (3years standard, extra 2 for registering the drive at www.pny.com).

For speeds PNY rate the XLR8 Pro for up to 550MB/s sequential read, 520MB/s sequential write with 85,000IOPS read/write.

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