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Liquid Cooling Roundup January 2013 featuring Corsair H55, CM Seidon 120M and Antec Kuhler 620 v4

by Stuart Davidson - 24th January 2013
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Liquid Cooling Roundup - Antec 620 v4, Corsair H55 and Cooler Master Seidon 120M (January 2013)

Corsair Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair H55 box Corsair H55 bundle

The H55 box has a familiar design style to all recent Corsair products and goes with a green, white and black colour scheme while showing a clear image of the product. Inside we find the product documentation and various bags containing the mounting brackets/screws... an almost identical set of kit to the Antec model.

Corsair H55 pump Corsair H55 plate

Corsair and Antec's coolers share the same base design but are not identical, more variations on a theme. Corsair apply their branding to the top of the low profile pump and thermal paste is pre applied to the copper plate on the base. That is held in place by various bolts and inside the pump are micro-channels to enhance cooling potential.

Corsair H55 radiator

A 120x152x27mm aluminium radiator can be found at the end of two flexible rubber tubes containing the coolant. Corsair recommend that we attach the 12cm (1700RPM, 55.60CFM, 1.90mm H20, 30.32dBA) fan to the radiator so that it draws air in from the back of the case and pushes it through the fins.

Corsair H55 Installation

Corsair H55 install Corsair H55 install

Corsair H55 install Corsair H55 install

As noted earlier the base design for the H55 and 620 are very similar and the mounting process is pretty much identical. We apply the backplate then build our clamp for the socket (all recent Intel/AMD supported, including 2011) and secure the pump on the CPU (4 screws).

Next we install the fan/radiator on the back of the case... and at this point we find a difference from the 620. Antec opt to run their fan through the pump to a single motherboard header. Corsair have us plug the 3-pin fan connector onto our motherboard direct with a separate 3-pin connector used for the pump.
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